Eco Mushroom – Solar Street Light with Pollution Absorber

The roads are a highly polluted zone and cause serious health hazards. The polluted air rises up and spread across to create a blanket of toxic atmosphere. Pollution absorber systems can do some good work. The ideal candidate for placing such a system is the street light; due to its location and height. 

The ‘Eco Mushroom’ is a compact design for a solar powered street light equipped with CO2 Scrubber - Pollution Absorber. The design is bio-inspired from the mushrooms. This artificial mushroom houses four directional LED street lights and an Air Purification System (APS). 

Four intakes suck in polluted air and pass it through the APS, positioned centrally within the structure. The purified air is finally released through the annular vent on the air duct built around the light pole. The air vent is located at 2m above the ground and it releases purified air within the effective height of human breathing column.

Energy efficient BLDC motors perform the suction and circulation of air. These motors and other systems on-board are powered by the PV panels integrated to the top surface. An annular battery pack is attached around the pole. The battery gets recharged during daytime for the night operation. An inbuilt monitoring system sends indications and alerts to a central monitoring station about its operation.

The dry dust containing the pollutants moves down along a small duct in the central pipe under the effect of gravity and gets collected at the bottom. This can be removed during periodic maintenance.

The health and performance of the Eco Mushroom and its filter system can be automatically indicated to the monitoring station using a small GSM communication module. The required maintenance can be planned and carried out accordingly. A network of Eco Mushrooms integrated into the existing roads can curb the automotive pollution effectively.